Les Guittieres Gite and The Glade

"The Glade" from Inception

We wandered around the natural swimming pool site whilst our neighbour performed miracles with his mini digger, not much we could do at this point but worry as to whether it would ever get finished.We were looking up towards the orchard when the sun came out and threw rays of sunshine through a small gap into the middle of the trees.Racing up there we sat in the sun, listening to the birdsong and both at the same time exclaimed how wonderful it would be to sleep up there, well you know what came next.

Work started in earnest, The ground was rock hard with a white local stone called Tuffeau and a deep slant in one direction meant lengthy discussion as to whether we would dig it out or build it up..... why do things the easy way ? we decided it would be more sympathetic to dig down to the level required. I commenced on the future dining area whilst Paul dug out the area for the platform, 9 meters circumference was not to be sniffed at ! its unbelievable how much earth comes out(then with a 25 meter hole already with a mountain of soil waiting for a new home, where on earth would we put it all !)

Yes quite a few weeks have passed without an update, this is because there is only so much you can say about digging foundations and a level area for seating. However we have been beavering away with the odd siesta inbetween (we live in France its rude not to participate) and of curse not forgetting the construction of the pool and our wonderful guests. Today the seating area is finally ready for the bash(this incase you didnt know is a special material designed to stop weeds coming through) but first i need to think about retaining the soil in this area. A quick trip to the garden centre is hopefully going to solve this.. Whilst i go off for what will probably be hours Paul is setting the wooden frame up for the platform, a friend is helping out today as its a two man job it seems.

Today is a really exciting day, we have taken delivery of the wood to complete the platform and the tent has been ordered, its coming from England but will be here within the week, the excitement over the tent has led me to believe i need to get out more! This where i leave you as its over to Paul to complete his platform before i can carry on.

The platform is complete and whilst Paul has been busy building it i have been beavering away setting up new listings with our OTE's and re designing our website which i might add is completley out of my confort zone and not something i was very good at